Handmade in small batches using an imported French copper still and 100% natural first-press sugarcane grown and pressed without additives or chemical fertilizers in partnership with local farmers. Vapour infused with handpicked 100% natural local cinnamon for that extra smooth tropical taste.

Tasting Notes

  • Nose Fresh sugarcane and cinnamon wood bark. A hint of minerals, developing into gingerbread.
  • Mouth Uncompromising cinnamon zing followed by bay tree, lime and almond.
  • Finale Cinnamon bark blended with fresh sugarcane and warm spices.

Serving suggestions

Pure or on the rocks.
Cocktails: Cinnamon Mojito, Dark N’ Sunny, Rum Fashioned and Chalong Bay Cinnamon Sour

ABV: 40%, 70CL | 33CL

Vapour infused Strictly no additives 100% Natural